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Good writers need good tools. Experienced writers have an arsenal of reference materials that help them correct grammar, spelling, punctuation, style, citations, and format. It may take you some time to amass your own reference library, and you may find that you need to update it periodically. We recommend the following:

You can also download our Writing Lab handouts:

Active vs. Passive Voice


APA Style

Basic Formats--Brochure

Basic Formats--Letter

Basic Formats--Memo

Chicago Manual of Style

College Writing--Formulating an Arguable Thesis

College Writing--Supporting Your Thesis

College Writing--Writing the Conclusion


Document Design

Freshman Composition: English 1310 & 1320

Getting Started: Facing the Blank Page

Grammar--Parts of Speech


Literary Analysis

MLA Style

Nouns--Countable & Uncountable

Parallel Structure

Personal Statements

Proofreading Like a Pro




Research Basics

Science Writing

Technical Writing Style

Usage: Common Errors

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